What are the 3 major elements of ptsd?

Intrusive memories Disturbing dreams or nightmares about the traumatic event Severe emotional distress or physical reactions to something that reminds you of the traumatic event. Recent research that compared two PTSD assessment scales validated that the PCL-C is effective and consistent in evaluating PTSD. As a perspective, according to the DSM-IV criteria, three main checklists for PTSD (PCL) were used: (a) specific to PTSD, for military and for civilians (PCL-C). PCL-C has been used frequently and, given the relevance of this work, we are proceeding with the use of PTSD.

Although, according to the DSM-V, the PCL has been revised to PCL-5, with 20 questions compared to the 17 used in the PCL-C, given the prevalence and understanding of the PCL-C, we propose to use them for the primary evaluation of PTSD. The basis for this decision is that the PCL-C and the PCL-5 were similar in evaluation; the additional questions from the PCL-5 did not significantly alter the estimates. The PCL-C is also similar to the CAPS-5 and can therefore adequately represent our needs.