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Reflections 4 #01


Aesthetic Arrest: This is an invitation to a conversation about what art is, how a work of art comes into being, what space it occupies, how it grabs you, its fascination, and how it is related to imagination and intellect and the ineffable. If you would like to comment you can contact me by email on the home page.

Reflections 4 #022

Chinks: the Solemn Quest for the Breaking
This is a Blog. Set up 19 April 2014, it takes the form of a series of Replies to J and I am describing it as A Crucible of Links
Something resides among the trees. Their presence fascinates, cela me passionne. They are the context of an elusive presentiment—[and hold] a meaning for me. They [the trees] hold this rich substance in the evening sky as if the spaces between the intersecting branches were entry points into the tangible matrix of the sky otherwise incomprehensible. I sense them with a pang. It leaves my mind bewildered. It is an ancient puzzle. All I can say is ‘interstices’...

This falls into my category chinks: 'seeing things' that have an ineffable significance (mystical).To me it represents a lacuna in a family culture where the shadow has been disowned.

With reference to my correspondent, J is a cover out of respect for the real character and not to be confused with Judy in the conversation in the item above on good and bad art.
1 The Gap 19/04/14 2 The Obdurate Lover 19/04/14 3 Love-hate 22/04/14 4 The Dark Tower 23/04/14 5 Who's Stephen Newton? 24/04/14 6 The Shadow of Depression 28/04/14 7 Drifting 02/05/14 8 In the Stocks 04/05/14 9 The Etruscans 05/05/14 10 Near the Bone 06/05/14 11 View from the Train 07/05/14 12 Chimera 08/05/14 13 Signs of Life 09/05/14 14 At Bottom 10/05/14 15 A Harboured Infancy 11/05/14 16 Delusion 15/05/14 17 Through a Glass Darkly 16/05/14 18 Papering over the Cracks 27/05/14 19 Different Shades of Grey 31/05/14 20 Mother Nature 11/06/14 21 A Night Sea Journey 14/06/14 22 O Lacrimosa 16/06/14 23 Speaking to myself 17/06/14 24 Lost Property 19/06/14 25 Skeleton in the Cupboard 24/06/14 26 Fate 29/06/14 27 What are you going to do about it! 06/07/14 28 An Inveterate Cycle 11/07/14 29 Glory Box 13/07/14 30 Gina 18/07/14

Reflections 4 #033
Zone of Silence This is a continuation of Chinks. Here the distressing sense of J's withdrawal is addressed. There are inklings of the biblical Book of Job and of the Medieval concept of the Dark Night of the Soul. The opening dialogue is seen as a final sentence.

Reflections 4 #04

Reflections 4 #05


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